My Passions

My passions are writing & art. What are yours?

We all have them. Our passions that ignite us and continue to move forward to a new day, each day. Something that I am working on right now is continuing to soak up my passions to fuel me. I find my passions in writing and my art. It’s what fuels good energy into my body and keeps me going. My creative side.

This year has been a wild ride for me, 2021. It hasn’t been better than 2020 that’s for sure. I am trying to find what I love and what makes me happy. My talents. It seems to come in through my writing and my art. So, that is what I am working towards. I am working towards my passions so I can make a living off of it someday. I am a huge passionate nerd for writing and art. I really want to strive to make the best of what my talents are and utilize my gifts and skills. Of course, it’s always hard to just start. So that is what I am doing.

I am just starting.

My passions are everything and if I can help or inspire others through my passion for what I love to do. Then I am going to push for this and keep going.

We all have passions & sometimes I feel the passions are our gifts and talents that we need to utilize more to build a better life.



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