Pumpkin Spice kinda Girl

Its September which means Halloween & Fall time!

Yes! It is finally September you guys! I am so happy that it is September, because that means we are one month closer to Halloween! October is my favorite month of the year besides the fall aesthetic and Halloween, it is also my Birthday month! And I am a huge Halloween nerd. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, #1!

But more so I do love pumpkin spice flavors & pumpkin pie! Yes, I am that girl. I am a pumpkin spice girl! Though I do enjoy Apple Pies and Apples at this time of year, I feel more in spirits when it comes to Pumpkins. That is just my preference, but it is also a great debate usually. Pumpkins vs Apples at this time of the year?! I believe you are either one or the other, not both. But I happen to be both! I just prefer pumpkin spice at this time of the year. Pumpkin spice and fall just go hand in hand for me.

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year I feel, followed by Spring as well. I am definitely a fall baby and will remain a fall baby. I will also always support pumpkin spice flavor as I like it more than apple. So! Are you pumpkin spice or apple spice kinda person? What is your choice when you think of fall time? Do you like fall? What is your favorite season and why? What is your favorite holiday and why? Let me know down in the comments below. Are you ready for 2021 fall? Bring on the Fall Festivities (despite lousy covid19). We can still try and be positive right? YES! Let’s!

We need more positivity in the world right now. I want to spread that. What makes you happy this time of year?

x Bri



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