Story Blurb Struggles

Okay…So you have your story complete? Or you’re still working on it and you want to get the BLURB done. But, wait… how do you do that again? Why? WHY is it so difficult to write a short one-two paragraph summary after you write 50,000+ word book and cannot condense it? I have been struggling with this issue and have been pondering the struggles behind this.

From my research and interaction with other writers, I have noticed that it is not common for us to struggle with writing a blurb. I struggle writing short stories as most of my novels are 50,000+. So, when I have to transition from writing all of that to only 150–200 words, yeah it is a bit of a challenge. I am still learning how to work my blurbs better.

I did some quick research, but I recommend researching and reading examples of other blurbs. This is just my personal experience that I still struggle with as a writer — how to write a proper blurb!

First of all, what is a blurb? A blurb is primarily a short, simple but yet intruiging and precise descrption of why the reader should read that book. From my understanding, the writer should make it simple, short, catchy and explain the stakes the characters need to tackle through the story — the story adventure. And, most importantly it’s quite important to add in who the characters are. Keep it simple, catchy and short, as in 100–200 words short.

It is easier said than done though right?

I have been trying to network with other writers though for extra advice and help.

Good luck, right? Practice makes perfect.

All I know is that I cannot give up what I love doing. If you have an helpful tips leave comments below to support one another. I could always use tips and help to continue to learn my craft better.

Thank you guys!




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