Hi there, my name is Bri and for now this will be untitled. A good friend of mine told me about the benefits of this website for blogging. Allow me to introduce myself. Life lately has taken me for a ride again, a reckless drive that I am not enjoying nonetheless. I know that life was never meant to be easy by any means but I often am asking myself this question about life, why do I even exist? What is my purpose of existing in this thing called life that is just a freaking enigma. I know sometimes it is best that we just go with the flow. But those days that are hardest too “go with the flow” is hard to grasp.

Regardless of this mysteriousness of life, I have found myself at crossroads. I am stuck in limbo and I know it’s because of my own self preventing me from doing such thing. With this in the back of my mind of the thought of life and what am I doing here, I have come to realization that I need to push myself into doing things that I still need to accomplish and do. I have realized that life is precious and I often take it for granted because it’s sometimes overwhelming to the point where it’s past the question of existence. Either way, this is why I am creating this said blog. With recent awakening events that have happened in my life, I want to work on goals harder and faster, and do things more. Also expressing myself and using this as a professional insight with my life and exploiting myself eventually with my creative arts via writing and my art.

I would like to use this website to find like minded individuals who can enjoy my writing and uniqueness to be able to “Spark Joy” (as that lady, Marie Kondo expresses) in others lives from just the written word of enjoyment to escape this reality. And to express myself through art and words. I have goals and I want to use my gifts that I have been given. And try to enjoy this thing we call life. Even if there are days where I cannot escape the darkest rooms in my head.

I do hope you enjoy the content I post. It is a pleasure to meet you and a pleasure to explore more. I want to do more! Let’s explore this mysterious life and also escape it when we can.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole of my World.

“All the Best people are crazy.” ~ Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland


P.S. I never really go by Briana. Call me Bri :)



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